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I want to make a sweater.

I'm 5'2", 220 pounds, size 40D bra.

I want it to be a basic pullover sweater. Long sleeved. Mostly stockinette - I can go with ribbing at the waist and cuffs. Probably round-neck, definitely not a deep V-neck, but I don't like things too close to my neck, so a tight neck is right out. Maybe a very shallow V-neck (kind of like the shirt I'm currently wearing except I don't have a picture. *ahem* So that does you a fat lot of good, hm?)

I want it seamless, and in the round.

I want it to be flattering to my body shape without being form-fitting.

I want it in King Tut cotton, which I can get to gauge, or all the way down to size 2 needles at 6.25 stitches per inch. I live in Texas and it's not often that it's even cold enough to wear a sweater at all, so I need to be able to wear it without a shirt underneath or I'll swelter.

I have never made a fitted garment before (other that hats, and, well, mittens), I detest finishing, and prefer to do as absolutely little of it as possible. I have a scarf that was knit in the round sitting in my closet that simply needs the seams sewn up, and it will probably sit there another six years before I get to it. *H-A-T-E* finishing. And I find seams on my clothing uncomfortable.

Don't want much, do I?

I'm fine with kitchener stitch, stitch holders, short rows and DPNs. (See icon) As a matter of reference I am capable of doing cables and lace, and although I haven't tried it I'd be comfortable with Intarsia or Fair Isle, although I prefer not to have any of that in this particular garment.

Anybody know where I can find a pattern for such a monster? Otherwise, I'm seriously considering breaking out the duct tape and an old t-shirt and trying to wing it (it can't be that hard, can it?)

Thanks in advance for tolerating my grumpy ways.
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01 September 2006 @ 12:38 pm
Do you find a difference in where you have placed bust short rows on bottom up vs neck down sweaters? I had nearly completed Bombshell from Big Girl Knits, following the directions for the short row shaping and when I tried it on for length, the shaping was about 2 inches too low. I'm wondering if it might be because this is knitted from the neck down and most of the bust shaping directions I've seen have given instructions assuming you are working bottom up?

This is only the 2nd sweater I've made for myself, and the first one was also a neck down raglan, and the bust shaping was also too low on that one, but it wasn't really a problem since it is a looser fit.

Do I need to work the shaping backwards, and start with the shortest rows on top and gradually work them longer? Do I just need to start it 2 inches sooner than the pattern indicates?
31 August 2006 @ 11:07 am
about you all. For personal reasons I haven't been on the computer much, and keeping up on LJ has been tough. Once things settle down a bit, I plan on working on the community again. So hang tight! I promise Ill get things rolling soon.
23 August 2006 @ 03:38 pm
Anyone working on this? Or any other projects from Big Girl Knits. I must say I'm really loving making this sweater so far, and I think it will be extremely wearable. I'm in Florida, so I don't have much use for sweaters, especially pullovers, but cardigans are nice for those odd cool days. Plus I'm going back home to Ohio and November and need some sort of pseudo coat.

I'm making my Sandy in Kureyon #95 (booga bag colors) with Lamb's Pride Worsted in Loden Leaf (M67) a nice dark, greyish green.

Anyhow, what are the curvy girls working on?
23 August 2006 @ 11:19 am
I can't remember if this has been mentioned here before, but Vermont Fiber Designs has several sweater patterns that go up to 3-5X (some even go to 6X).

A lot of them seem to suffer from the "boxy" problem, but not all of them.
03 July 2006 @ 11:59 am
Ok, ladies, Im getting the info page up and moving. I have added a few links, but what other stuff would *you* guys want to see on there?

Also, what would you guys think about allowing crochet on here, also? I am not sure if you guys want to remain completely knit, but I also know alot of us knitters crochet, too.
03 July 2006 @ 01:21 am
I'm pleased to see that there's an effort to get this community up and active again. I had thought about posting this before and decided not to. In an effort to kick start activity I present to you - moderate off-topicness!

There are a couple of knit patterns that I quite fancy. The problem is, I'm not sure how if they'd be ludicrous on my body type. The patterns are Katrina Rib and the Kimono Style sweater hybridized with Fjalar from Viking Knits (not my picture) (think the neck and sleeves of the Kimono top with the cables of Fjalar).

I wonder about the Katrina Rib sweater because, well, I made Tempting and feel ambivalent about it - never really wear it. Partially this is due to the yarn I used (Caron Simply Soft. egads) and partly it's the thick fabric hugging my frame. The Kimono style top - well, it's a different sort of fit than I'm used to; specifically, it looks to narrow in around the belly which is wear I round out.

And this is a link to a picture of me (in which I wear the freshly finished Somewhat Cowl). I'm about a 45" bust and I guess pear shaped, but I tend to say round.

So. Would these lovely knit patterns look silly on a body like mine?
03 July 2006 @ 12:19 am
So I was wanting to make Glampyre's Boobholder. I emailed with the designer, Stephanie, a few times, to try to smooth out the re-sizing process, to approx. a size 22. I, personally, have decided to postpone making one, but I thought you guys might find use of the info she gave me:

I'm glad that you like the pattern, and I appreciate you wanting to resize pattern to fit bigger women.

All you would need to do is chang the cast on numbers, so you cast on more stitches in the first place. Measure your back neck, across the top of your shoulder from front to back (not shoulder to shoulder, but just like a back neck meas, only shoulder top.

So...using your gauge, figure out a cast on number based on 1X back neck, 2X shoulder...and do the front V-neck and raglan increases till you get the proper bust meas. If you want to add the sleeve poufs, I'd recommend insterting that increase row somewhere about 3" in from the actual shoulder. You'll also have to think about whether you want to add short rows (see the Knitty article on short rows for great instructions on that).
30 March 2006 @ 08:04 am
There are things I find offensive in here (for one thing, I absolutely loathe the term "big girl" in this context), but here's the call:Collapse )
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28 February 2006 @ 04:53 pm
hey there all. we haven't been as active here, but i hope to change that. first i really like tubey that was in the winter knitty, but i wasn't sure if it would be flattering on a big, curvy girl like me. i was thinking that i would do the body all in one color, and just have the sleeves be striped, if that makes a difference. what do you guys think? has anyone knit this sweater? how did it look? any pictures you want to share? any opinions if you haven't knit it?

thanks peeps!
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